Koole Tankstorage Minerals

KTM vergroot opslagcapaciteit.

Rotterdam, 8 June 2016. This project once again proves that it is possible to win a client’s trust in a relatively short period of time. Watch the video of the first construction phase on site at Koole Tankstorage Minerals (Vondelingenplaat, Rotterdam).  

Building on past successes.

After a pleasant initial meeting with Erik van Ommeren, SJR Tank Construction (formerly known as Sloot Tankbouw) realised the first project for Koole in 2012, for which five existing storage tanks at Tankput 5 were renovated, modified and moved within the Tankput in order to make room for eight new storage tanks.

Much like the initial meeting, the collaboration for this project was very pleasant, and the open way of communicating provided plenty of room to offer up criticism. That same year, Koole and SJR Tank Construction joined forces again and started the construction of four new storage tanks at SJR’s production site in Bolnes, after which the tanks were transported to Koole Tankstorage Pernis and placed in Tankput 5.

Afterwards, four more new storage tanks were built on site at Tankput 5. These eight new storage tanks provide a combined total of 96,000 m³ storage capacity. In January 2015, Dura Vermeer and SJR Tank Construction founded the company D&S Jacking, in which the knowledge of maintenance and repair of storage tanks at SJR Tank Construction and the civil engineering expertise of Dura Vermeer were combined. The vision behind D&S Jacking is to help significantly extend the service life of a tank through proper and timely maintenance.

In March 2015, D&S Jacking started the inspection of maintenance activities at Koole Tankstorage Pernis. In total, four storage tanks were jacked and the company carried out various operations which significantly extended the lifespan of the tanks.

KTM expands park with four new tanks.

Koole Tankstorage Minerals is an important player in Rotterdam’s logistical supply chain. With jetty facilities, pipelines and 1,200,000 m³ of storage space, KTM serves oil refineries and traders. Flexible service provision helps to prevent demurrage and delays as much as possible. Koole Terminals is 100% accessible and available 24/7.

After the delivery, the terminal will comprise 107 tanks of varying size, most of which can be heated. Customers can use advanced blending equipment to make any desired product. KTM has also trusted this challenge of considerable scale to SJR Tank Construction and the first phase is in progress. The construction phases will take a total of 78 weeks and every day there will be 25 SJR employees working at KTM’s site at Vondelingenplaat in Rotterdam.

Collaborating with professionals

The success of the construction method on location is heavily dependent on preparation and transport. For the logistical part of this project, SJR Tank Construction collaborated with Mammoet and thus secured proper transport.