A new 106

Service Terminal Rotterdam (STR) replaces tank 106

Rotterdam, 30 March 2016. STR commissioned SJR Tank Construction to replace tank 106 with a new storage tank that meets all the current safety standards and requirements. In short, the type of exciting challenge that the SJR team does not shy away from.

In a nutshell.

Service Terminal Rotterdam (STR) is the foremost pit-stop for the shipping industry in the port of Rotterdam. STR was established in 2003 and in 2005 the first tank park was put into active use. It quickly became apparent that there was a need for a safe provision of services for shipping in the port of Rotterdam. In 2013, STR opened its second tank park and raised its storage capacity to 175,000 m³.

At that time, state of the art technologies facilitated a growth in flexibility and this replacement consolidated the high level of service provision. It comes as no surprise to the sector that both businesses share the need to innovate. The increased risk of the maritime service location and the extensive practical experience were decisive, and allowed SJR Tank Construction to secure the contract.

Tank specifications TK-106.

  • Construction method : conditioned
  • Design code : NEN-EN 14015: 2004
  • Volume : approx. 2,463 m³
  • Inner diameter : 14,000 mm
  • Cylinder height : 16,000 mm
  • Inner diameter : 14,000 mm
  • Cylinder height : 16,000 mm

Plaatsing STR tank

The project.

SJR Tank Construction has assumed the responsibility for the supervision of all aspects of this project, which began with the removal and off-site demolition of the old tank. D&S Jacking renovated the tank’s foundations and SJR Tank Construction took care of the installation and engineering of the tank. Upon completion, the new tank will meet all PGS 29 requirements (including foil in the foundations and a leak detection system). After the placement of the painted tank, SJR will adjust the product and vapour return pipelines to the new situation, connect the tank and hand over control to the Notified Body.