Challenging project

Challenging Rotterdam Project Movie

Rotterdam, 20 december 2017– Capturing a project on film can lead to some spectacular footage. In the ‘Challenging Rotterdam Project Movie’  for customer Kanon Loading Equipment, the film-makers of Dockview Industry Communications managed to impressively picture a special project in which SJR Tank Construction played an important part.

In this project for end customer Maasvlakte Oil Terminal (M.O.T.), four 20” marine loading arms used for extracting crude oil from oil tankers had to be designed and constructed. Already a complex project in its own right, it became extra challenging by being urgent too: the entire skid and loading arms had to be installed at the Maasvlakte in the Port of Rotterdam within 48 hours. Project partner J&R Mechanical contracted SJR Tank Construction to manufacture the skid. This entire steel construction was built by our company inside our own construction hangar. Next, the loading arms were moved outside to the quay, after which the completed jetty could be transported to customer M.O.T. as a single structure. Upon arrival at its location, Kanon Loading Equipment BV replaced the old jetty both rapidly and successfully. As SJR Tank Construction, we take great pride in having been part of such a complex and appealing project.