Count Terminal Rotterdam

Completion of a grand project

Rotterdam, 16 juli 2018 – Project partners COUNT Terminal Rotterdam and SJR Tank Construction are pleased to report that the transport of no less than six large storage tanks from our facility to a local port has been completed with a perfect score.

This transport, that took place over three days, is the final step of a large project in which these six tanks were entirely manufactured in the construction hangar of SJR Tank Construction. The project started with two ‘smaller’ tanks with a 2,500 m3 capacity. With a 19.3m diameter and an 18.5m height, transporting these tanks over the river offered a spectacular view. The remaining and even larger four tanks followed on days two and three of this transport operation. With a capacity of no less than 4,600m3, this view spoke to the imagination even more. Our partner Hebo Maritiemservice transported these tanks over the water. They delivered the tanks to their final location, where they were carefully put in place with a caterpillar crane.


The first tanks are picked up at the quay next to the SJR Group construction facility.


Spectacular transport over the water by the tanks manufactured by SJR Group.

The caterpillar crane places the tanks on the right location.