Excellent results

The first tanks are a fact

Rotterdam, 12 december 2016- Last July SJR started on the construction of six new storage tanks for the planned expansion of the Botlek Tank Terminal (BTT). Work on the tanks is in full swing at SJR’s new, advanced production hall on the RDM site.

It once again became clear that SJR’s team are true professionals when the first tank was moved outdoors for the first time. The gigantic structure – with a cylinder height of 38 metres and weighing in at over 260 tonnes – was standing on the quay in no time.

Despite the impressive height of the production hall itself, these massive tanks need to be constructed in two separate sections, which are joined together once they have been moved outside. Thanks to the experience and expertise of the SJR team – working in close partnership with the specialists of Mammoet and Hebo – the entire process ran smooth as silk.




Planning for the next few weeks

The entire project is proceeding according to plan. It is expected that the tanks can be transported to Pernis on schedule in late February 2017. This to the client’s considerable satisfaction. Naturally, SJR will keep you posted on the latest developments in this exciting process.