Koole Tankstorage Mineral

From client to business partner

Rotterdam, 11 februari 2020 – The project at Koole Tankstorage Minerals (KTM) is one that we can be duly proud of. Our collaboration started in 2011 with the construction of eight 12,000-m³ storage tanks at Koole Terminal Pernis (KTP).

From 2016 on, this was followed by the construction of tanks T901, T902, T903 and T904 for KTM. These storage tanks with a capacity of 30,000 m³ were intended for tank pit 19. Not long after, we also started working on tanks T905 and T906 for tank pit 19. In collaboration with SJR Insultech we insulated the roofs. Additionally the tanks were fitted with heating coils. At the same time, we continued working on T2001, T2002, T2003 and T2004. With a diameter of 36 metres and a cylinder height of 30 metres, these tanks were designed to store diesel fuel and set up at the newly constructed tank pit 20.


Koole has been a client of SJR from the moment we started focussing on the petrochemical sector. Over the years this relationship evolved into a close partnership, and today, Koole Tankstorage and SJR are full-fledged business partners. In 2016 we were already discussing all-round service and jointly realising projects that called for full transparency from both parties. Together, we work on finding the best solution for current issues in the areas of inspection, maintenance and construction. Based on this mutual trust, we have succeeded in realising a wide range of fine projects.



Thanks to the unflagging commitment and professional knowledge of the entire SJR team and our excellent collaboration with the professionals at KTM, our joint projects offer a solid combination of quality and safety. During one of these projects, the site was subjected to a BRZO audit (BRZO = Major Accidents (Risks) Decree). Our efforts led Koole to compliment us on how we had handled the process. The end result: a highly satisfied business partner.