13 storage tanks for

Arabian Chemical Terminals

Conditioned manufacturing yields superior quality.

Rotterdam, 3 February 2016. This week an SJR transport with 13 storage tanks will be departing for Saudi Arabia. The tanks were commissioned by Arabian Chemical Terminals (ACT) and were built in the SJR production facility in Bolnes. In order to guarantee safe delivery, SJR selected the companies Big Lift (shipping) and Broekman Logistics (loading).

ACT made a considered choice for SJR, because of its conditioned manufacturing and experience with Lumpsum Turnkey prefab tank building. Kasper Castricum, Terminal & Business Operations Manager at ACT, explains: “Tanks that are built indoors are of a higher quality than tanks constructed on site. Furthermore, shorter turnaround times and rapid delivery were of decisive importance.

We are also pleased that the tanks do not need to be built in the operational zone at the terminal. This way, risks and downtime are prevented. In addition, the tanks are completely conserved and are fitted with all the relevant measurement and instrumentation devices and vertical pipes. All in all, everything has been taken care of, the tanks are completely finished.”

Rapid delivery, safer and higher quality.

SJR uses the newest production methods and accepts orders on a turn-key basis. Robert Sloot, Managing Director at SJR, explains: “our work processes are undergoing increasing automisation, allowing us to guarantee delivery times.

In recent years, we have been carrying out more steps in the tank building process ourselves, including the coating and insulation of the tanks, and the attachment of accessories, steps and platforms. We have even fitted these tanks with internal aluminium floating roofs, so that emissions from the product are prevented.”


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Collaborating with specialists.

By loading the tanks with Broekman, SJR is preparing for the near future. From mid-2016, SJR will be operating the global storage tank market from within the heart of the largest petrochemical cluster in Europe.

The premises will be situated on the RDM site, immediately adjacent to Broekman Project Services’ terminal. Upon commissioning the manufacturing plant, SJR’s manufacturing capacity will increase significantly. SJR and Broekman Project Services are satisfied with the loading process for the carbon steel and the stainless steel tanks.

Robert Sloot: “the imminent relocation of our offices and our production facility to the RDM site will allow us to load more tanks for the international market in the near future, in collaboration with Broekman. This was a kind of test case for our new concept for construction and loading on the RDM site.” Jos Masselink from Broekman agrees: “Despite strong winds, everything proceeded faultlessly. Our terminal is specially designed for offshore and heavy lift loading. This port’s spacious basins allow even the largest ships to sail in and out 24 hours a day. We are happy that this renowned tank builder has chosen to come to the RDM site and we look forward to taking care of many load-outs for SJR in the future.”

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