Heat management

The reuse of heat and energy is high on the agenda in politics and business alike. For example, waste heat from the port in Rotterdam is transported through pipes to the city. This means that buffer tanks need to be located in urban areas in order to store the heat: Safety is paramount.

Heat buffers must meet important quality requirements, as these kinds of tanks are under a lot of pressure, with temperatures reaching highs of 90 to 100°C. Thanks to many years of experience working with heat buffers in the horticultural sector, SJR is a specialist in this discipline. Together with our insulation company, we can collaborate with you and advise on the best heat management solution for your tank.

Heat is also stored in heat buffers at cogeneration plants. SJR has delivered hot water storage tanks to various stations both in the Netherlands and abroad. Using heat storage can help stations operate much more efficiently, which in turn leads to fuel savings and a reduction in CO2 emissions.