New 309m³ sulphur storage tank

“New 309m³ sulphur storage tank”

Rotterdam, May 25th 2020 – This month, SJR Tank Construction was asked by a client in the Europoort to design, manufacture, transport and install a new sulphur storage tank as a replacement.

The tank will be fabricated in our fully conditioned production hall on the Heijplaat in Rotterdam and will soon be suitable for the storage of over 300,000 liters of liquid sulphur. The tank will have an almost comparable height and diameter of approximately 7.5 meters and will be equipped with a steam spiral to keep the sulfur at a temperature of +145°C. With a total lead time of 4 weeks for the construction of the storage tank, it will be ready for coating and insulation works at the end of July and will be delivered and installed at the client’s terminal in early September.