Service Terminal Rotterdam

Service Terminal Rotterdam

In mid-November 2019, Service Terminal Rotterdam (STR) asked us to visit them on-site at their terminal on Torontoweg in Rotterdam.
In 2015 we handled the replacement of Tank 106 at this location, and now the time had come to replace Tank 105.
STR’s request involved the removal and dismantling of the existing tank combined with the design, engineering, manufacture and on-site installation of a new tank.
A project that suits SJR perfectly, working in collaboration with our multidisciplinary partner ASG. One of our biggest strengths is our ability to take all our clients’ concerns off their hands.











After receiving the order confirmation in January 2020, we were able to make a start on this interesting project.
In consultation with the client, we decided to dismantle the old tank on location – a job handled by the firm DCC under ASG’s supervision.
The next step was reinforcing the embankment, which was done by Noordijk Aannemers B.V.




While the old tank was being dismantled on-site at STR, we started constructing its successor in SJR’s production hall.
The new tank has an inside diameter of 14 metres, is 16 metres tall and has a storage capacity of 2,463 m³. This means it could easily be constructed in our unique production hall, which can accommodate tanks with an inside diameter of up to 24 metres and a maximum height of 32 metres. After the tank had been preserved, it was ready for transport in early April. By now, the embankment had been reinforced and prepared for the installation of the new tank.

Another wonderful project, which was successfully rounded off without incident, on schedule and within the set budget.

We would like to thank STR and our partners for their confidence and a pleasant collaboration!