Working safely is paramount

SJR and Dura Vermeer have jointly established a new specialist jacking company: D&S Jacking. This company combines the extensive experience of SJR in the construction, maintenance, and repair of storage tanks, and the civil engineering knowledge of Dura Vermeer. In this way, D&S Jacking offers a total solution for tank storage companies.

The vision behind D&S Jacking is to help extend the service life of tanks through proper and timely maintenance. Jacking a tank can play a part in this process, which occurs when the bottom of a tank needs replacing or repairing, or if a tank base needs to be elevated or renovated.

Depending on the situation, D&S Jacking takes care of the tank construction or civil engineering works: from sand replenishment, laying a crushed stone ring, applying environmental protection HDPE film, leak detection or mechanical work on the tank.