Tanks for industry

SJR Tank Construction has over 50 years of experience constructing vertical and horizontal steel storage tanks. We specialise in industrial tanks, process tanks, and pressure vessels, in all shapes and sizes. We build the tanks on-site, but also in our climate-controlled production facility at the RDM site in Rotterdam.

Take advantage of the logistical benefits of our production facility: We offer all services under one roof, including coating and insulation work. Manufacturing tanks in a production facility is the best way to optimise quality, safety, and care for the environment. Here, we produce tanks measuring up to 24 metres in diameter, up to 32 metres in height, and weighing up to 250 tonnes.

We also build a wide range of tanks on-site. Our advanced jacking system offers a modern and safe working method, so most of the work is carried out low to the ground. Working safely and innovation are at the heart of our company, and we regularly discuss how processes can be improved and made more efficient with our employees.