Peterson T 1

Shop-fabricated storage tank

ROTTERDAM, 13 mei 2019 – An exceptional shipment in the Waalhaven harbour basin in Rotterdam. A fully completed storage tank with a capacity of 4,050 m³ is shipped from the quay of SJR Tank Construction over the North Sea toward Aberdeen.

This shop-fabricated storage tank is intended for the storage of marine gasoil at Peterson Ltd. in Aberdeen. Peterson delivers critical logistics solutions for energy-related issues across the globe and specialises in the storage, transportation and distribution of fuel for the maritime sector. The storage tank, which has a diameter of 18 metres and is 16 metres in height, was constructed in SJR Tank Construction’s conditioned production hall at RDM Rotterdam. Here the tank was fully constructed and completed, from rolling and contour cutting to applying the coating and all additional fixtures. The structural work for the spiral staircases and the roof rails was also carried out at this location. Finally, the roof of the tank was fitted with an anti-perching construction to deter birds from landing.

Once construction was completed, the tank was moved from SJR’s quay to HEBO Maritiemservice. HEBO manages and executes some of the most complex transport projects across inland waters and overseas. They took care of the complete execution of the transport for this project also. The transport options were analysed and all potential scenarios were thoroughly examined in advance. On the morning of 13 May 2019, the HEBO-Lift 9 sheerleg left the quay of SJR Tank Construction on Gieterijweg in Rotterdam and headed for Franklin Offshore Europe on Scheepsbouwweg in Rotterdam. There, the tank was hoisted on board the Eemslift Nelli. Due to the size of the tank, a test hoist was performed beforehand. Once the tank had been secured on-board, the vessel set course for Scotland. The exceptional transport provided a spectacular sight for people viewing from land as it headed out towards open water.

After 28 hours spent crossing a calm North Sea, the Eemslift moored at Peterson in Aberdeen around 9:00 a.m. on Wednesday 15 May. The storage tank was transported by trailers to the tank pit before being lifted by a mobile crane and installed safely and with great precision on the designated spot on the foundation in a single operation. While this was a routine job for SJR Group’s specialists, the delivery and same-day installation on the foundation of a fully completed tank was a completely new experience for the client. Peterson was also very impressed by the superior quality and short turnaround time.

The storage tank was built in Rotterdam before being safely transported and installed in Scotland: We love it when a plan comes together!