SJR Composites:the joint DNA of SJR and M.I.P.

At SJR we strive to continually develop and renew the tank construction and tank maintenance market. Listening to the requests and needs of our customers and monitoring trends and developments in the market are essential in this.

SJR Composites is one of our innovations. A beautiful collaboration between M.I.P. Megasolutions and the SJR Group, where the petrochemical industry is introduced to a new type of storage tank. M.I.P., like SJR, an independent and internationally oriented family business, has been manufacturing sustainable storage systems in composite for the agricultural sector and industry since 1984 and has grown into the leading supplier of these type of storage systems in 2020.

A couple of advantages:

  • Short manufacturing lead times;
  • Environmentally friendly: low carbon footprint and environmental impact;
  • Long lifespan;
  • Highly resistant: excellent resistance to chemical liquids and harsh environments;
  • Cost effective and durable: high strength-to-weight ratio;
  • Maintenance free: virtually no maintenance required;
  • Thermal insulation;

What is composite?
A composite tank is made of a mixture of polyester resin reinforced with glass fiber, also called GRP (Glass-reinforced plastic) or GFRP (glass fiber-reinforced plastic), a light, extremely strong and robust type of material. This ensures a lower overall weight, but also certainly an improved insulation value.

New production location in Moerdijk
In Moerdijk, a lot of hard work has gone into building the new production location of SJR Composites. At this location we can manufacture composite tanks with a diameter of up to 14 meters and a maximum storage capacity of 3,000 m³. The interest in composite as a material stems from our continuous interest in development and innovation. Where the automation of steel tank construction is still in its infancy, this is already being done with composite tank construction. The factory is fully equipped in a 4.0 industry environment, where we can produce 24 hours a day.