Construction of a new sulphur tank

Rotterdam, 12 april 2018 –SJR Group was granted a new order for the construction of a new sulphur tank for a large corporation in the Botlek port area, part of Europoort. This tank with a 4,278 m³ capacity will be manufactured off-site in the SJR Group’s own construction hangar, which enables the construction process to take place in a strictly controlled environment with optimal safety conditions.

After completion of its construction, a floating sheerleg will transport the new tank over the Meuse river to the location of our customer. Upon arrival, the tank, weighing in at 215 metric tonnes, will be placed on its foundation after having been lifted over a 75 metre distance. An operation of this magnitude does of course require quite some advance measurements and calculations. Falcker Inspections, the strategic partner for SJR Group during this project, is able to provide for exceptionally accurate mapping of the placement location.

The distances between the quay and the foundation are measured and scanned using drone footage. This enables the engineers of another project partner, Hebo Maritiemservice, to create a thorough placement plan in collaboration with SJR Group. By expertly combining all these pieces of the puzzle, our customer receives an identical tank at the exact same location while operational disruptions are minimised. The quality of this tank is outstanding, while having the entire manufacturing process take place within our own environment ensures optimal safety too, as every hour worked off-site is an hour worked safely!