Past and present

SJR is a dynamic company with over 50 years of history – we are constantly innovating and developing. Over the last few years, we have grown into an all-round tank producer, and our ‘core business’ is the production, insulation, repair and modification of storage and process tanks, as well as pressure vessels. We do this both on-site at our clients’ premises, as well as at our current production location at the RDM site in Rotterdam.

arrowWe have built a state-of-the-art production facility, complete with office, in the port of Rotterdam. Here, we are able to produce tanks measuring up to 24 metres in diameter and up to 32 metres in height. SJR will be significantly improving its tank construction process through the use of advanced equipment and robots. By making clever use of innovations, the quality and durability of tanks increases,

and, due to the favourable location of the production facility near the water, we can easily ship the tanks all over the world. We work closely with reliable partners; partners, who are capable of dealing with exceptional cargos. In recent years, we have regularly organised special tank transportation for customers based in the Netherlands and abroad.


Ready for the future

arrowThe world is changing rapidly. Technical developments result in more efficient and environmentally conscious manufacturing processes. We continue to innovate, improve, and adapt. SJR strives to be a leader in the application of technical developments and innovations to implement sustainable work processes and methods.

At SJR, personal development and investing in the future take centre stage, as we cooperate with top-class professionals to build the most innovative and sustainable tanks and tank farms. Our employees are encouraged to bring out the best in themselves and contribute to the ambitions of the company.


Our core values

Respect and trust: We trust and respect our customers and business partners. We work safely, while maintaining a strong focus on the environment.

Clear and transparent: A deal is a deal: we do what we say. We keep communication clear and transparent; we do not unnecessarily overcomplicate things.

Enjoyable collaboration: We collaborate with customers and partners to achieve the best solutions. We do this with a smile, because we enjoy our work.

Improvements: We look critically at our work processes and production methods. Where possible, we try to improve and to implement cost-effective solutions.

Proactive flexibility: We are agile and ambitious, with a clear vision for the future: Acting quickly and taking initiative are in our DNA.


Parallel construction

arrowOver the last five years, SJR has gained a lot of experience producing tanks in a climate-controlled environment. Tanks built a production facility are of superior quality, since the construction, welding, insulation, and coating processes are conducted under ideal conditions.

The weather has no effect on the construction process: the production schedule is guaranteed. In addition, civil engineering works on the terminals and mechanical work on the tank in the production facility can be carried out at the same time. This leads to huge time savings, as new tanks can be commissioned more quickly.

Parallel construction offers many advantages:

  • The schedule is not disrupted by weather.
  • As we are busy carrying out production works in our production facility, foundation work can be performed at your site at the same time.
  • A climate-controlled construction environment is the optimal solution for quality, safety, and the environment.

  • You won’t suffer any logistical inconveniences, and there is no risk of accidents on your construction site.
  • Existing production processes are not disrupted.
  • Your construction site remains free from any contamination.


Sustainability, safety, and certification

SJR strives to make a significant contribution to a more sustainable world. We implement energy-efficient processes throughout all production stages, to help reduce our carbon footprint. We set ourselves specific goals regarding sustainability, and, by tackling it systematically, it is clear to everyone that we want to achieve results.

arrowIf it’s not safe, we don’t work. Quality, safety, and the environment come first in all our activities. Working safely is deeply embedded in our organisational culture and work processes. We are constantly improving our safety performance; a process in which all SJR employees are closely involved. We guarantee the achievement of key certifications.

At SJR, we continuously invest in the training of our employees. Thanks to the broad knowledge of our QHSE employees, we are able to optimise processes according to the PDCA methodology (Plan-Do-Check-Act). SJR works according to the most stringent regulations, including EN14014, API650, and maintenance and repair standards EEMUA159 and API653.