Two new kerosene tanks

Two new kerosene tanks

Rotterdam, January 22, 2020 – In July 2019, SJR was commissioned by a client in the Europoort to build two new kerosene tanks. These tanks together account for the storage of 11 million liters of kerosene. Within 3 months, the 17-meter high and almost 21-meter wide tanks were built and provided with a coating, an external dome roof and a full-contact internal floating roof.

The SJR production hall is suitable for the construction of tanks with a diameter of up to 24.4 meters. Making it no problem to perform the load-out of these tanks from the production hall using SPMTs. The installation of the tanks at the client’s terminal, following transportation over water, was a different story. The tanks had to cross 300 meters of land before they could be installed.

Nevertheless an extremely successful undertaking and project thanks to our partners CTS Netherlands, Dura Vermeer, HEBO Maritiemservice, Kenbri Fire Fighting, Bonn & Mees, Eager One, Peinemann, Mammoet and Van der Ende Steel Protectors.


It took us exactly 66 days to build, transport and install these two new kerosene tanks. From the moment the sheet material was delivered to our production site, ready for processing by our own prefabrication department, until the moment both tanks were spectacularly installed in a hard-to-reach area of ​​the customer’s terminal. The tanks together account for the storage of nearly 11 million liters of kerosene. Our partner VanderEndeSteelProtectorsGroup has provided the tanks with an internal and external coating. Subsequently, CTSNetherlands equipped the tanks with full-contact aluminum internal floating roofs and aluminum external dome roofs. KenbriFireFighting has equipped the tanks with foam extinguishing systems.


The delivery and installation of two new tank foundations, remediation works and the construction of a temporary transport route at the terminal were carried out by DuraVermeer. The load-out from our production hall to our quay, the transport by water from Heijplaat to Europoort and the installation of the tanks was carried out in collaboration with Mammoet, HeboMaritiemserviceBV, Bonn&MeesDrijvenBokken, Peinemann Investigation of whether transportation across the terminal was possible at all was conducted by


Wonderful project

All in all a wonderful project that has been successful and on schedule with the help of our partners and a close collaboration with our client!