New site at a strategic location

At the end of May 2016 SJR’s head office and production has been moved to the RDM site, also referred to as the beating heart of the port of Rotterdam.

The new production facility can now be used to perform the conditioned manufacture of complete tanks, measuring up to 24 metres in diameter and up to 32 metres in height. Conditioned manufacturing and our experience with Lumpsum Turnkey prefab tank construction guarantee high quality tanks and make their placement safer.

The imposing production facility has a maximum crane capacity of 200 metric tonnes and offers sufficient space to fully complete the tanks. In addition to prefab operations that will take place here, such as plate rolling and contour cutting, the application of coatings and insulation, the facility will also be used for fitting tanks with all the necessary accessories.

Strategic top location.

The office and production facility are located directly across from a 150-metre private quay, with a direct connection to the Nieuwe Waterweg.

SJR will ship conditioned manufactured storage tanks to European and international clients via this Waterweg.
For large projects, the collaboration with Broekman Logistics already appears to be successful and we can look back on the smooth loading of 13 storage tanks heading for Saudi Arabia with satisfaction.

Follow the construction phases

The construction of SJR’s office and new production facility on the RDM site (also referred to as the beating heart of the port of Rotterdam) is proceeding steadily. The production facility has now been taken into use and SJR will soon start with the production of 6 storage tanks for Botlek Tank Terminal (BTT).