Construction of new sulphur tank

Construction of new sulphur tank

Rotterdam, 12 April 2018 –SJR Group received a contract to construct a new sulphur tank for a company in Botlek. This 4,278 m³ tank will be constructed off-site in the SJR Group production hall. All work will be performed under controlled conditions.

After completion of the construction, the tank will be transported to the customer by sheerleg over the Nieuwe Maas. From the water, the 215-tonne tank will be placed on the foundation in a single operation covering approximately 75 metres. This obviously involves a considerable amount of measurement and calculation. Thanks to Falcker Inspections, SJR Group’s strategic partner, the replacement is mapped out down to the smallest detail.

The distances from the quay and the foundation are measured and scanned with the aid of drone images so the engineers of Hebo Maritiemservice, in cooperation with SJR Group, can draw up a thorough plan. This allows us to easily provide the customer with exactly the same tank at exactly the same location. Safe and of superior quality. Because every hour we don’t work on-site is a safe hour!

Load-out for water test

Today, a successful load-out of the tank was performed, and it was positioned for the water test with the aid of the Matador 3.

Transport of Shell tank

Just over a month ago, a new sulphur tank with a storage capacity of 4,281 m³, built by SJR Tank Construction for Shell, was transported. And this resulted in these beautiful images!